Rowan Alba Crowdfunding

With the growing popularity of crowdfunding as a way of raising essential funds to sustain and grow charities large and small, it is important to consider how to make crowdfunding campaigns sustainable and deliver consistent results by developing systematic and step-by-step processes that guarantee results.

When it comes to crowdfunding, more charities are unsuccessful than successful. That means a waste of precious time, resources, skills and finances. Rowan Alba had the best of times. They raised £750,000 during the Covid-19 lockdown. All with some supersized PR, Marketing and Social Media strategies.

Rowan Alba is a medium size homeless charity that gets people who have lived on the streets for years, off the streets with a home for life. In other words, they provide housing with 24-hour support where nobody will be thrown out due to anti-social behaviour. Did you know that the number one reason why many homeless folk are persistently homeless is because many homeless charities will throw out homeless people if they don’t or more likely can’t behave themselves due to their addictions and trauma.

Our challenge was to change people’s perception of Rowan Alba from totally unknown, except as the jewel in the crown within the Scottish homeless charity sector, to well known and well loved in order to secure donations from the wider community.

That meant developing consistent messages that would help increase visibility, reach, supporters, investors and donations. This can never be achieved without a robust marketing strategy that covers all angles. Hope and personal is never a sustainable crowdfunding strategy.

Charity Crowdfunding Case Study by Supersize Media Team

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