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“Fin and the Supersize Media team created a website and digital marketing strategy that truly expresses what I want my clients to feel when they land on my website, watch me on video, find me on social media or see me on stage”

– Sally Thibault, Life Strategist, Speaker, Author, EFT Trainer, Australia



The Online Social Media and Business Makeover Course INCLUDING

Facebook Marketing, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, SEO, Google Adwords, Branding, Design, Mindset, Online Confidence, Video, Writing for Online, Attraction Marketing and Lots More!

Business in a Box

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Everything you need to get your exciting business or charity online with a fabulous brand (a brand is not just a logo), website, email marketing templates, business cards, letterheads, and a stunning presence across all the key social media platforms where your target customers hang out.

Digital and Social Media Training

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You want to increase your followers on social media? Go somewhere else! We ONLY work with you and your team to get TARGETED people either running to your website or handing over their emails AT SCALE

Digital and Social Media Workshops

Are the board, business development and marketing teams all singing from the same hymn book re digital opportunities and risks? They have detailed intelligence on competitor digital activities? Tailored workshops to benchmark, build capacity, KPIsstrategy and make digital a key growth strategy

Fin Wycherley’s 90-Day Business Sprint Club

Started 30th January, online and in Edinburgh City Centre. We build your business online for maximum impact with social media, PR, branding and digital marketing. Weekly classes, workshops and hotseats. Sign up for the waiting list

Intensive Digital and Social Media 1-to-1 Coaching

Learn 1-to1 online how to AIDA: 

Attract the right prospects,

increase their Interest,

pique their Desire and

get them to take Action.

In other words, get TARGETED people running to your website or handing over their emails AT SCALE via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Website, Email, SEO, PPC, blogging, ads …

Business in a Box

Starting from scratch? Limited resources? Get everything you need to kickstart your business or charity online. A highly flexible website that will grow with you; an inspirational and professional presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn plus business cards and email marketing templates. Flexible payment terms

Digital and Social Media

Done For You

No time or skills to implement your digital and social media strategy? You’ll be surprised how much can be achieved one day per month with an expert to do it all for you. Strategy, KPIs, Set up, Social Media, Newsletters, Ads, Blogs, SEO, Vlogs … all scheduled to go out and inspire your target audience to take action.

Featured Case Studies

Meet the team

Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world’s most formidable production studios, agencies and startups.

Fin Wycherley

Fin Wycherley


Hayley Steel


Brand & Digital Designer

Lily Barnes


Communications Manager

Harry Wycherley


SEO Specialist

Tommy Slack



Elliot Diaz



Why work with us?


We love to help businesses throughout the world turn their websites into more profitable revenue streams for existing as well as new businesses. We offer all of the usual services you would expect from a Digital Agency, but our focus is always on making your business grow and discovering new revenue streams / pathways online.


From one-off campaigns to longer-term strategies, our team can work with entrepreneurs, small businesses and marketing teams to deliver growth and engagement to suit your business objectives across all digital and social media platforms.


From tailor-made packages to bespoke strategies, Supersize Media offers everything from training; motivational speaking; social media management; engagement and rapid platform growth. ALL focused on the small to medium sized business’ challenges and opportunities.


We help you get found on Google and other social media where people are searching for your services. We ensure that you advertise to your target audience in the right place at the right time.

Work with us

Contact us now to start your journey working with Edinburgh’s premier digital & social media agency.

Latest from the blog

Like a Like? The Perils of a Like Strategy!

Do you like likes? Of course you do! You publish something. Somewhere. Folk like it. You feel good. It's all gooooood in the hooooood! Even better if it's on your business or charity page. Am I right, like? Ka-wrong! Wa-wa-ooops! Eh ohhhhhhhh! Nope, nada, nought!...

12-Step Video Marketing Checklist

Make them go from “OK, I know you now, I can see that you understand my pain, and you’ve reminded me what would happen if I don’t do anything … you’ve got me. I’m interested. But not interested enough to buy anything from you yet. I want you to buy me a drink, take me for lunch, offer me some flowers, meet some of my mates … before we get down to business, ok? Lmao!!!!!”

Let’s Test Your Website!

Let's Test Your Website! - IoD Scotland An engaging and interactive exploration of some participant websites with ‘teaching moments’ to demonstrate the basic functionality and requirements for a dynamic website fit for the 21st century. About the event The two-hour...

YouTube Aspiration – With Stephan Jardine

 BBC Radio 4 Scotland's Stephan Jardine invites our very own  Fin Wycherley to discuss how 7 year old Ryan (ToysReview) made £22m from YouTube last year and is this a healthy aspiration for your average kid? Fin Wycherley is a Social media, digital and marketing...


“Fin and the team come up with ideas that make sense. She gets the bigger picture. There are no limitations as to where we can go with social media now …”

Kirsty Burnham Gilchrist, Bold Marketing Agency

“Fin knows her stuff and will give you an honest response. Think she is great, very helpful and really helped us gain confidence.”

Celia Graham, McEwan Fraser Legal

” We just wanted to say such a big thank you for all of the work and effort you have put into this project, I can’t even describe how fantastic Supersize Media is, both for delivering results and exceptional value for time/resource. “

Sean Scott, Communications Manager/Programming, Workplace, Vancouver BC

” Hayley is more than a graphic designer… she intuitively knows what you need, she’s hugely skilled, she’s organised but so calm and efficient. I recommend her highly to anyone wanting someone who takes a concept and builds it up into a brilliant project. Thank you so much, Hayley, for what you’ve produced I’ve had numerous people telling me how much they like my brand and website Thank you! “

Tricia Murray, Owner, The Birth and Baby Academy

” Fin got me and my team fired up and completely inspired about blogging and the whole social media side of things which I’m sure in time will prove a very valuable tool for us at Thrive and help us achieve all our goals. “

Amanda Kremer, Owner, Thrive for Business

 ” I was offered the opportunity for some great editorial in a great publication but at very very short notice. Fin not only managed to pull together an excellent piece of writing, she did it with very little guidance from me and after managing to find the time to extensively research the topic to ensure the piece was credible, accurate, interesting and on time! An excellent piece of writing and I can’t recommend fin highly enough”

Craig McKenna, The Growth Academy



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#SheMeansBusiness Workshops: For Women Across Scotland

#SheMeansBusiness Workshops: For Women Across Scotland

Hello lovely, I need a wee favour 💪As Facebook's only trainer of the #SheMeansBusiness workshops in Scotland, I am keen to get the message out to the furthest corners of our fair land. Facebook created a support and training package for women starting up or growing...

Childhood and Social Media Interview on BBC

Childhood and Social Media Interview on BBC

 I was on BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning Scotland Show this morning, talking about the alleged adverse effects of social media on young people. A report from @actionforchildren states 2/3rds of parents think childhoods are getting worse. All said bullying was the...

Edinburgh Digital and Social Media Breakfast

Edinburgh Digital and Social Media Breakfast

Looking to build your connections in Edinburgh? Come for a Breakfast n Learn networking opportunity on Tuesday 2nd July at the glorious Black Ivy in Bruntsfield from 08:00 - 10:00. An intimate gathering of leading businesses and charities with two quality digital and...



You know I'm a wee bit modest ... but not much. Why? Cos I'm always telling clients "If you don't blow your own trumpet, who will?"So ick factor aside. Here are some lovely Reviews and Testimonials I thought I'd share with you from this month with two TV appearances,...

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