Record number of women launch businesses but

women launching business

Thanks to the recently published Rose Report on female entrepreneurialism in the UK, it’s great to see such a huge growth in female entrepreneurialism over the last few years. However it’s a shame to see that women over 40 are not gearing up for entrepreneurship in any significant number.

All women over 40 should seriously contemplate setting up in business either as a side hustle or a main play since they retire worse off than men and many have been shafted by pension provisions.

Often, women’s lack of entrepreneurialism comes from a perceived lack of skills in social media and tech. They feel that since they were not raised with a mobile phone permanently grafted to their body, the younger generation have a natural advantage.

In fact, women over 40 often outperform their younger peers online since, once they overcome their tech phobia, they are far better at community building, truth-bombing and building trust and a loyal fanbase around them. All crucial ingredients for growing a business rapidly online.

Women over 40 will always put together far better content for their ideal client than outsourcing it to the young’uns once they gain confidence and overcome their tech / marketing inhibitions.

If you are a women over 40 thinking about going into business but are held back by fear of tech and lack of marketing skills, here’s a major word of warning!

DON’T rely on the Free Economy. It’s like teaching yourself accountancy, law or how to get fit using free blogs, videos and state-funded courses. It’s just not worth the effort. You’ll end up more confused than ever.

Instead, either hire the right people to deliver the best results for you or work with a coach 1-to-1 or in a group to gain the necessary skills and accountability to set up and scale the business at speed.

It’s like the difference between the wifey that goes to the gym fairly regularly and doesn’t get great results at all, and the wifey who decides to work with a fitness coach. The results speak for themselves.

Your future business is begging you to get it sorted! Go!

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Here’s the link to the original report where you’ll find a whole load more information

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