How to Keep Your Expert Business Social Media Marketing Strategy on Track

Looking to refresh your social media marketing strategy as a coach, consultant or expert business, and implement a more effective workflow system to maintain your performance? 

The team from Supersize Media have got you covered, with this useful overview of an efficient and dynamic approach to key social media marketing tasks to undertake daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

The guide includes a range of notes to help keep you on track, and ensure that you’re evolving your strategy in line with the latest algorithm and platform trends and shifts.

Building templates, workflows, tracking progress and managing which elements are done in-house and which ones are outsourced is fundamental to building an effective social media marketing system. Once the system has been built, it’s easier to manage especially when key people are off sick / at a conference / otherwise indisposed. 

It’s a good way to keep you on target, and keep your digital marketing approach fresh, as opposed to getting attached to the same routine and outdated approach.

Quarterly Social Media Tasks

  1. Review last quarter’s KPIs
  2. Make sure your brand image and messaging is consistent across all social channels
  3. Conduct a fresh audience analysis to see if you are still targeting the right people effectively
  4. Check the latest changes on the various social media platforms and assess if your current strategy is still optimal to achieve the specific objectives your business requires
  5. Check all bios are optimised with the correct links to relevant landing pages
  6. Ensure all branding real estate – banner headers, profile images, email footers – are optimised for this quarters results and opportunities
  7. Check all pixels and security elements are functioning well and don’t need further optimisation 
  8. Set your SMART marketing goals for the next quarter with a map of content titles, bullet points, CTAs for each social media platform, starting with long form platforms like Youtube, Podcasting or Blogging then cascading down to micro-marketing platforms like Tiktok, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook


Monthly Social Media Tasks

  1. Collect stats and create a report on best performing content, ads, newsletters etc with pixel data, click through rates, visibility, engagement, platform growth, enquiries and leads generated, sales attributed and website traffic. One of the best things about social media is you can’t hide behind the stats. You can see exactly what has worked and why. No excuses not to move ahead at speed.
  2. Update the monthly posting schedule. Do you really want the same content across all platforms. Can you be more platform authentic with the same content created in a different style specifically for that platform?
  3. Identify your successes and integrate them into your social strategy
  4. Analyse your competitor’s social strategies
  5. Define the next month’s ratio of different types of content
  6. Determine upcoming campaigns related to relevant dates in the calendar
  7. Research upcoming news and events that can be used to promote your product or service


Weekly Social Media Tasks

  1. Synchronise with other teams’ goals and upcoming activities
  2. Identify your competitors’ best performing posts
  3. Track the results of your ongoing campaigns


Daily Social Media Tasks

  1. Check and update the content calendar
  2. Reply to comments and questions
  3. Monitor brand mentions online
  4. Discover industry-related keywords and hashtags
  5. Check on your competitors
  6. Monitor industry news


Of course, you don’t have to soldier on alone. We got you! Supersize Media conducts Quarterly Planning Sessions for a full day that permits business owners, charities, coaches and consultants to get together and map out their priorities for the month ahead.

These quarterly full day online experiences allow you to brainstorm, focus, map out and network with like-minded businesses as well as learn the latest tips and strategies for each platform. Can you imagine the rush in productivity your business will achieve knowing that the whole quarters’ content has been sketched out, created, optimised, scheduled out and primed for results? Rather than the usual hash job.

Each Quarterly Marketing Planning session takes place a month before the beginning of the Quarter to give your business enough time to implement. In fact, we also provide a further one-hour feedback session so that you are held accountable for everything you have committed to.

In other words, if each Quarter begins in January, April, July, October then our Quarterly Marketing Planning Sessions take place in early December, March, June and September. Check out Eventbrite or our website for forthcoming dates and book yourself in for the full day bootcamp.

I’d also recommend blocking out several days after the Quarterly Marketing Planning session to give yourself time to implement at scale and at speed. The best feeling in the world happens when you report back to the group before the beginning of the Quarter with EVERYTHING you planned to do, already done!

Check out the next Quarterly Marketing Planning Session here on Friday 9th December 11:30-16:30. All online. Early bird prices available. 

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