The struggle to reach clients in an online world is real! You might be putting out great content but if it’s only seen by a few people – who are usually mates, colleagues or well wishers and certainly not buyers – what’s the actual point in spending so much time with your online marketing?

This situation happens so often and it leaves many business owners wondering what on earth is wrong with their strategy.  What needs fixed. Or worst of all “social media is useless.”

Well, you know what they say about a worker and his or her tools …

First of all, what is a buyer persona? It is a person who is going to buy your products or services. It’s your ideal customer. Have you ever come across it before? 

Just as much as you know everything about your partner (or at least we hope you do), knowing every single aspect of your buyer persona, or avatar, is absolutely crucial for your business. 

Remember when Marks and Spencers “lost touch” with their audience? Or any business for that matter? When you are not consistently giving the customer exactly what they need to solve their problems or satisfy their desires, you are literally out of touch, totally generic and will never find success online.

Not having your buyer persona in mind will be a waste of time, effort, budgets, resources and your message won’t get across effectively.

In fact, social ads only work if you are 100% sure that the people who will see them will take some form of action.  Even if it means they improve their impression of your business.

In order to achieve action, your outstanding content needs to reflect the main traits of your buyer persona. 

In a world dominated by competition, you have to let your customers know that you understand them and that your products or services can help improve their lives. Or their business lives if you’re in the B2B sector.

Would You Ever… 

Here’s a question for you … Would you ever

  • buy tickets to a Spice Girls concert for a Bruce Springsteen fan?
  • give a brand-new smartphone to your 5 year old daughter?

Probably not. The reason is that you know the person, what they like or don’t like, and what they need or don’t need.

The same principle applies to your customers. The more you become passionate about your buyer persona, the more you can achieve. So why not give them something they will actually like or value in terms of content?

Once you’ve reassured your customers that you understand absolutely everything that goes on in their lives, it’s time for you to build meaningful relationships that will hopefully last for a long time. 

When You First Meet Your Buyer Persona

An example of a potential buyer persona sheet.

Start from your most loyal customers, the ones buying frequently, and the ones you only see every now and then. What are their similarities and differences? It’s certainly a straightforward process that fits on an A4 paper, but it’s important to get it right.

The process of building your buyer persona has to be constantly updated with the information collected from the customers. If you think that you need more, you can ask them a few questions via digital surveys or phone calls. You can find plenty of free online survey services.

To clarify, it’s like when you meet a person that you really like for the first time. How do you get to know the other person better? That’s right. By asking questions.

Yes, But How Many Profiles Do I Need?

One thing that is worth knowing, and adopting by many organisations, is that you can have multiple buyer personas.

When it comes to a buyer persona, polygamy is welcome. Although be careful not to confuse or dilute the message.

In the beginning, start with one and don’t stress out too much about adding more. Take your time to complete it and be as detailed as you can be.

Sometimes less is more.

You can base your buyer persona on an existing customer that you have in mind or, alternatively, you can try and create a potential new customer that might be interested in buying your products or services. Be realistic, and don’t think too much about a hypothetical Prince Charming.

Is It Really Necessary For My Business To Have a Buyer Persona?

Simple answer: YES, IT IS.

Even if your business sells a product or a service that is considered a low involvement purchase, you definitely need to picture your ideal customer(s).

There are plenty of potential target audiences in the market, and your product or service features allow you to tap into a specific niche segment where there is little or no competition.

For example, think of a company selling table salt. You might think of it as a product that is often bought out of habit. It is, yes. However, as soon as you start thinking of all the different types of salt, the idea for a business to build an ideal customer profile starts to make more sense.

For example, 

  • Who are the people that swear by Himalayan salt? 
  • What about the people who wouldn’t be seen dead buying rock salt? 
  • What about the heathens that don’t even self-grind their salt? They just pour it straight from the bottle? 
  • The ones who only buy luxury or only 
  • The ones who buy non-branded supermarket low budget salt. 

They all have a specific buyer persona and each distinct persona behoves you to build the entire marketing strategy around them.

It’s important that you have a clear definition of the importance of segmenting your market. In marketing, there is no such thing as “Everyone is my customer”.

Trying to target all the customers in the all world will result in not targeting a single person.

The reason is: “If you are talking to everybody, you are talking to nobody.”

Living Happily Ever After

It is essential to “fall in love” with your buyer persona in order to get under their skin and then keep on providing solutions to their problems or peaking their desire with your content and offers.

Your love for the buyer persona will then translate into customers loving you back. And what happens when customers love you? They buy from you, they come back to buy more, and they refer you to their peers. It’s a circle that you should always keep in mind.

If people are not taking action and do not come back to you, you are officially not doing marketing, and you are certainly not using social media correctly either!

The buyer persona is just the tip of the iceberg of online marketing. It’s a great start for anyone planning to do business or already in business.

Once you have your buyer persona up and running, it’s time for you to test it on all the different online platforms. The online marketing world can be cruel sometimes, but I’ve planned something that can help you step up your game and be successful!

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