You know I’m a wee bit modest … but not much. Why? Cos I’m always telling clients “If you don’t blow your own trumpet, who will?”

So ick factor aside. Here are some lovely Reviews and Testimonials I thought I’d share with you from this month with two TV appearances, several radio ones and a whole heap of large, small, beginner and advanced social media workshops.


  • BBC Reporting Scotland – An informative and well researched contribution
  • BBC The Nine – Very professional live contribution to the program
  • BBC Good Morning Scotland – As witty, to the point and informative as always
  • BBC Kaye Adams Show – Always well researched and punchy. Thank you.
  • Tesco Bank – I thought the Advanced Instagram Workshop was really good. Extremely useful in terms of giving direct advice on how to tackle the algorithms rather than waffle that you can end up trying to wade through online.
  • Shepherd and Wedderburn – Really good seminar!
  • Brodies – Thanks for the session, it was very interesting and insightful – especially when you covered how Instagram’s algorithms work. Definitely some takeaways from it to apply to our own channel!
  • Skyscanner – Thanks for the great Instagram workshop, it was really insightful
  • Skyscanner – I thought the event was great, thank you for your presentation i really enjoyed it and we took some really useful tips back to the office
  • The Dragonfly Agency – You put on a wonderful overview of Instagram, by the way. I’m by no means a beginner, but I still learned a few good tricks! Thanks.
  • Pagoda PR – I found it really interesting – thank you! I knew a few of the things mentioned, but found a lot of it really useful, especially round the algorithms! I’m a bit of a self-confessed nerd about social media marketing so always find it good to follow people who know what they’re talking about!
  • Worldwide Cancer Research – We really enjoyed it – so insightful!
  • Social Enterprise Edinburgh – Fin is a Superstar! Tailored the training to our business and focused on key marketing challenges. A fun and informative session with top industry tips. Highly recommend Supersize Media to maximise your digital potential! 😊😊

If you need any training / workshops or coaching, let’s talk. My diary is getting rather busy as everyone prepares for the festive period so I’d scroll down and leave a message below right now to book a chat. Or contact me on

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