Award-Winning Social Media Coach 

Fin Wycherley

Need Some Step-by-Step Training Implementing Your Social Media Campaigns?

Is your business struggling with a specific social media or digital challenge?

Got your head around Instagram for business? LinkedIn? Ads? SEO? Email marketing?

Know how it all works together? How to build a sales funnel? Customer pathways? Pixels? Retargeting? Analytics?

It can all be a bit overwhelming!

Many people still ask,

“Is digital and social media necessary?

Will it bring in cash / customers / attendees?”

100%! But only if you know what you are doing. That’s what the coaching is for.

Most large marketing departments struggle with the size of the digital marketing task. So many possibilities! So little time!

However, here’s the good news …

Small businesses can actually outperform their larger competitors online

They are 

  • Quicker to react
  • Implement quickly
  • Change course with speed
  • Engage with enquiries at pace
  • More personable than corporate
  • More approachable than large faceless brands

Despite the fact that small businesses have barely a marketing farthing to rub together – never mind a marketing team – we ALWAYS put together an incredibly creative strategy with lots of customer touchpoints and engagement that will beat the Goliaths any day.


Digital and Social Media 1-to-1 Coaching Online

Want to get trained up on the absolute best business digital strategy for your business?

We have ways to get you and your team fired up with the latest online marketing strategies that quickly put your message in front of your target clients and ahead of the algorithms 

Ready to find out precisely what your competitors are up to so that you can benchmark your business growth with quantified digital KPIs, realistic targets and a systematic approach to your digital marketing?

 “The results have been outstanding for our business. Fin taught us how to use Social Media and SEO as an incredible lead generator for our business. And now everyone’s online profile is properly optimised too so we can all put our best foot forward. We definitely should have signed up for coaching sooner!”

Brian Delaney, law firm

Digital and Social Media Coaching will help you promote and protect

📌Your personal brand

📌Your business / charity / social enterprise

📌An upcoming campaign

With an expert coach by our side, whether that’s for fitness, productivity or digital and social media marketing, you hit your targets faster.

Apply to get coached by Scotland’s top digital business coach. Places are rather limited.

Together, your digital presence will be supersized so that your business takes advantage of all the incredible opportunities online. 

All coaching sessions are online or in our Edinburgh offices and can be conducted during the working week 9-5 as well as occasional weekday evenings.

To avoid disappointment, we suggest you book at least 2 -3 weeks in advance, particularly for evening slots.

“Fin got our entire marketing and business development team up to speed on what is possible on digital. It’s definitely social media marketing without all the bullshit!”

Deborah Robertson, Director of Marketing, Edinburgh College




Digital and Social Media One-to-One Coaching covers:

📌ANY digital or social media marketing issues that matter to YOUR business, such as …



Want to know how much traffic your competitors are getting on their website? What strategy is driving most of the traffic to the website – SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email, PR …? What are your competitors’ best performing adverts on Facebook or Instagram and why? What is their best performing content and why? How fast are they growing on each platform and why?


Pages v Personal Profile, Groups, Live, Ads, Stories, Messenger, Video, Growth, Engagement, Tools, Legals, Competitions, Pixels, Retargeting, KPIs and Analysis


Hashtag strategy, Ads, Stories, Filters, Growth, DMs, Tools, Contests, Shoutouts, Legals, KPIs and Analysis


Groups, Profile, Links, Portfolio, Blogging, Researching, Listening, Relationship-Building, Lead development, Legals, KPIs and Analysis


Strategy, Profile, Links, Trending, Hashtags, Timing, Engagement, Growth, Lists, Video and Images Content, Frequency, Ads, Bitly, Legals, KPIs and Analysis


Lists, Campaigns, Templates, Legals, Best Practise, Case Studies in your sector, Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Open and Click-Through Rates, Incentives and Lead Magnets, Scheduling, Opt-in Forms, GDPR, KPIs and Analytics

📌COPYWRITING for Digital and Social Media

Problem-Agitate-Solve, You not We, CTA (Call to Action), WIIFM, USPs, Buyer Persona, Writing for the web, What are they really buying? What are you really selling? Customer journey, Which medium? KISS not TMI, Headlines, Keywords, KPIs and Analysis




📌SEO and PPC

Keyword research, ranking factors, sales funnels, conversion tracking, shopping campaigns, Google Analytics, Trending, display advertising, app campaigns, search results, bidding and budgeting, multi-touch conversions, legals, KPIs and Analysis





People choose to work with digital and social media marketing coaches because they want to do even more tomorrow than they can do today. They want to improve their profits and see more growth online, and they want to do those things quickly and to the best of their ability.

All kinds of businesses and charities use digital marketing coaches, including actors, business leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, professionals, small business owners and startup pioneers.

These people all identify a gap between where they are and where they want to be, and want help reaching their business goals.

Who should consider working with a digital and social media coach?

📌Social Media Managers, marketers and businesses that need expert guidance and support

📌Businesses that don’t have the budget to hire a full-time Social Media Manager but want to learn how to effectively manage their social media.

📌Marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners looking for one-on-one help and support from an expert that will provide valuable information, tips, tactics and strategies.

📌Small businesses that want to hire interns / graduates / family members but need to ensure they are given clear, measurable  and achievable objectives

Some of the most common steps clients take while working with digital and social media marketing coaches include:

  • 📌Identify business goals and define a vision for success
  • 📌Create professional and business action plans
  • 📌Identify old-fashioned marketing insights
  • 📌Work toward financial independence
  • 📌Obtain work/life balance
  • 📌Learn to communicate more succinctly and effectively online on the different platforms while respecting the mores and styles of each platform
  • 📌Foster more powerful connections professionally
  • 📌Get ads set up, optimised and measured
  • 📌Achieve business or marketing goals
  • 📌Start a new business or growing an existing one
  • 📌Manage an important event or business transition
  • 📌Articulate core values
  • 📌Set up marketing campaigns around a specific event

Key Benefits of Social Media Training?

Market your business and support sales

Connect and engage with your audience

Become an industry leader

Create solid social media marketing strategies

Why Hire Fin Wycherley?

Fin and her team have been setting up and running Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email marketing and blogging strategies for clients since 2011.

We have worked with all types of businesses – local, online, B2B, B2C, coaches, authors, franchisees, product-based, service-based, speakers, ecommerce, big budgets, small budgets and more.

We still run ads for small and large businesses so we have the finger on the pulse of what ACTUALLY works right now. We also are a recognized expert in the field:

  • Top 50 UK Business Adviser, 2019
  • Systematic results for clients large and small
  • Woman of Inspiration 2018
  • Outstanding Contribution award winner
  • 10 Downing St Advisor, Scottish Parliament Advisor
  • Regular BBC commentator on all things social media and digital marketing
  • Blue chip company clients (eg. Hiscox, TSB, BBC), large local businesses and charities (Edinburgh College, Rowan Alba) small businesses, local businesses, charities and startups
  • International speaker and coach


Fin Wycherley – Social Media Expert & CEO of Supersize Media

What clients are saying

Sean Scott, Vancouver BC

“Well, we just wanted to say such a big thank you for all of the work and effort you have put in to this project, I can’t even describe how fantastic Supersize Media is, both for delivering results and exceptional value for time/resource. Some key highlights for us from this project:

  • Growth; everyday we see notification after notification of new followers across Twitter and Instagram and it’s just fabulous, exactly what we needed.
  • Engagement; you promised to bring a personal touch to the way you reach out and engage across digital channels and you did!”

Sean Scott, Vancouver, BC

Digital and social media coach


DC Thomson Publishing

“Fin brought the subject to life as other trainers may have had a bit of a dry approach. The style of delivery made it much more interesting and entertaining. We are looking forward to trying out some of the strategies”

Pamela McLaren, Head of Subscriptions, DC Thomson Publishing – 

Social media coach

“Fin and the team come up with ideas that make sense. She gets the bigger picture. There are no limitations as to where we can go with social media now …”

Kirsty Burnham Gilchrist, Bold Marketing Agency

“Fin knows her stuff and will give you an honest response. Think she is great, very helpful and really helped us gain confidence.”

Celia Graham, McEwan Fraser Legal


Schedule your first introductory session with FIN WYCHERLEY to get the ball rolling. 

 We will send you a short questionnaire to complete prior to the meeting so you can get down to business straight away.

Hey, lets chat!

Our Supersizers would love to meet you! We are crazy for tea and coffee, oh and Biscuits!

Opening Hours: 9am - 5:30PM

 Email Us:

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