Hello lovely, I need a wee favour 💪As Facebook’s only trainer of the #SheMeansBusiness workshops in Scotland, I am keen to get the message out to the furthest corners of our fair land.

Facebook created a support and training package for women starting up or growing their business. They have invited yours truly to offer these amazingly inspiring networking workshops across Scotland to upskill the female entrepreneur population. I am so pleased and honoured!

Question: Do you know any venues / organisations that would like to host a 2-hour networking and learning workshop on a Thurs / Fri morning / afternoon / evening?


  • Networking, coffees and teas (30 mins)
  • Intensive Facebook or Instagram training (30 mins)
  • Q&A (20 mins)
  • 2nd local guest speaker (20 mins)
  • Networking

Travelling is not an issue but we will need a good 20-30 people turning up to make it worth the journey.

✨Any ideas? Scroll down and comment below ✨


  1. Kudos for scoring Facebook’s Number One Trainer for the local community
  2. Opportunity to provide networking opportunities and generate bums on seats for the business and startup community of women
  3. Small entry fee (£5) collected by organisers to ensure everyone turns up. This covers first tea / coffee for the venue plus small admin costs for us
  4. Often get up to 70/80 people turning up
  5. Good out of hours revenue generator from refreshments plus other items attendees may purchase

Can’t wait to hear from you here or on info@supersizemedia.co.uk

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