Rowan Alba

“Supersize Media built a website that was intuitive and easy to use, We look forward to being able to now grow and nurture  our online presence” – Rowan Alba

We created a clean and simple navigation system, fully responsive, optimised website for Rowan Alba. Rowan Alba is now a strong contender in the connected world and is now inline with other charitable organisations.


The backstory

Rowan Alba is a non profit charity dedicated to helping homeless people in Scotland. Rowan Alba began with Thorntree Street 12 years ago providing secure tenancies to older people who have had a history of homelessness and a long term history of problematic alcohol use.


Rowan Alba’s website navigation system was complicated and basic information was getting lost in the noise. Our challenge was to create an easy to use system so their team could easily access and update the website with ease without the risk of breaking or damaging the website.


Supersize Media created a clean and simple navigation system for their users so they could access important information about there organisation and services. We also included an online donation form so people could generously donate money to their cause straight through their website.

Using the latest technology we built the new Rowan Alba’s website using the latest CMS system, plus access to Supersize Media’s “how to” videos, digital resources and one on one training on how to use/update there new website. Providing Rowan Alba’s team easy access to update and maintain their own website with ease.

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