Do you like likes? Of course you do!

You publish something. Somewhere. Folk like it. You feel good. It’s all gooooood in the hooooood!

Even better if it’s on your business or charity page. Am I right, like?



Eh ohhhhhhhh!

Nope, nada, nought!

Everyone thinks that the number of followers or fans you have on social media is really important. ⠀

Well, to be totally honest, it is …


However, if your objective is to make money, raise funds or increase donations, then it’s an entirely different story.

Let me illustrate…⠀


The Ballad of Arii

Lovely wee Instagram Influencer Arii had a whopping 2.6 million fans.⠀

She launched a clothing brand – designed it – organised a photo-shoot and started to promote it.⠀

The company managing this told her she needed to sell a certain number of pieces for the whole thing to go ahead.⠀

In fact, she was required to sell 252 pieces. Quite challenging for a first-time seller. But surely not if you have 2.6m followers, right?⠀

WRONG – poor Arii didn’t manage it and was devastated.⠀

All of a sudden the reality that follower numbers are actually quite meaningless hit her like a ton of bricks. ⠀

This is why I tell people that it’s more important to have 100 engaged followers who might actually buy from you than 1,000,000 followers who don’t engage and don’t give a crap.⠀

This is why I teach people how to grow a targeted and engaged following of ideal customers on Instagram – people who actually need/want what you offer. ⠀

In actual fact, her entire marketing and sales strategy was flawed for a number of reasons:⠀

  1. The real influencers who make proper money all have a clear exchange mechanism in place with their strategy: “I give you inspirational images, commentary and relationship building into my world so long as I get to sell you some ish every few posts / stories”⠀
  2. It’s the old pareto principle or newspaper / magazine principle. 80% content, 20% ads / sales. Nothing new in marketing, except it’s all vastly different online!
  3. This young lady seemed to have just put up loads of cute photos of herself then suddenly posted some random salesy ones with almost zero interactive engagement aka charm. Then in the spirit of total transparency to her fans, declared it a failure!⠀

The great news is that she got masses of media interest in her “failure” post and has learned a tonne of marketing lessons in the process.⠀


In Beta Testing: Instagram May Hide Vanity Metrics

Shortly after, and in an entirely unrelated front, Instagram announced they were trialling ‘LIKELESS’ pages! In other words, you would only see the page and the posts, but you wouldn’t see the number of likes unless you were an administrator on the page.

Instagram have launched the trial in Canada and so far, so good. People are LIKING it (lol)

After all, it’s the social proof that is so captivating and pressurising.

It’s LIKE when you see two restaurants exactly the same, side by side and you have to choose which one to go into? The empty one where you’ll get served immediately or the one with a large queue around the block?

OK, ok smart arses, I know at least half of you will say “the empty one” cos yer a bunch o’ curmudgeons!

And I cannot help you with curmudgeonosity!

But the real thinkers amongst ye will have a bash at REFLECTING on an appropriate answer. Rather than trying to be smairt!


Creators Will Be Able to Tag Products

creators tag products instagram

Instagram is currently beta-testing an in-app checkout, and the brands participating in these test also have access to another great feature that’s currently being evaluated: product tagging from “Creators.”

This will essentially give “influencers” the ability to tag the products that they’re wearing or using on Instagram, just like brands can currently tag their own with Shoppable Posts. This will send users to the tagged product’s in-app product page, and users will be able to checkout directly within the app.


Quiz Stickers for Stories Released

Quiz stickers are the latest addition to the Stories feature, which allow brands and businesses to ask their followers multiple choice questions and provide answers. Users can choose an answer and see if they’re right or wrong, and the brands can see the responses in real time.

All of the examples Instagram featured, of course, showed questions like “What’s My Biggest Fear” or “What’s My Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream.” You can use these features, however, to generate interest and awareness in your products and drive engagement from your customers.

Instagram Updates June 2019


Donation Stickers for Stories Rolling Out

It’s a double sticker month for Stories! This month, Instagram users in the US are now able to raise money for nonprofits with donation stickers. Users can add these stickers to their profile and find accredited, verified nonprofits to tag and raise money for. People who are interested can click on the stickers to donate to said charity in a few simple steps.

Donation Stickers Instagram

Brands can use this feature to draw attention to charities they’re supporting and even host entirely digital fundraisers. This obviously does good for the community, but it also can semi-selfishly help with brand-building purposes, too; people love brands who do good and who care.

For nonprofits who can be tagged through the platform, this is also outstanding, as it could help them gain more donations and more visibility as users and brands alike take up their cause.


What’s not to love?

Will you use these tips to improve your Insta game? Do you even have an Insta game? Do you hate folk that use the term, ‘Insta game’?Scroll down and leave a comment below.


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