Instagram Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for your B2B and B2C Business

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As marketers, we live in a constant state of flux.

Understanding the latest trends, playing to relevance in the media and connecting with our audiences is a full-time job. We do this over and above the content we create, the relationships we foster and the time we spend getting to grips with technological advancement.

This can be particularly challenging when it comes to reaching our consumers where they are, on social media, because of the trends-based and changing nature of how users engage online.

While Facebook lead the way in helping us create accessible social advertising campaigns, we know that other platforms, such as Instagram, are just as important – if not more so, for brands that can benefit from their aesthetic appeal.

Instagram has reached more new users, more quickly than any of its social media counterparts, growing to a whopping 1 billion active users per month, over the last few years.

Today, it continues to be a driving force in determining what’s cool, who gets noticed and how true influence manifests in B2C or B2B relationships.

Meltwater can help you get to grips with this dynamic and creative platform

Join us as we unpack the strategic process behind marketing on Instagram – regardless of whether you’re targeting a consumer or business market with your strategy.

Our next Meltwater Biz Breakfast will take place on Friday the 20th of September at Tigerlily in George Street Edinburgh, from 9:00 – 11:00, and features the CEO of Supersize Media, Fin Wycherley.

About the speaker

Fin runs one of Scotland’s most successful social media agencies, but also plays the role of BBC Commentator, Digital Marketing Trainer,  Social Media Coach and Media Specialist.

We are honoured to have her join us for our next Biz Breakfast, and sure we all have something to gain from her extensive knowledge and passionate approach to social.

Speaker: Fin Wycherley, CEO of Supersize Media
Date: Friday 20th September, 9-11am
Venue: Tigerlily, 125 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4JN

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