Season 1, Episode 8

How Black People Can Get Ahead in the Magazine Industry in 2021

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In today’s episode, we contemplate how come there are more flamingos on the front covers of mainstream women’s magazines than black women. Today’s interview is with the inspirational Nikki Simpson, head of the International Magazine Centre. In particular, we discuss how black people (and other marginalised groups) can get ahead in the magazine industry in 2021

About This Episode

Throughout this fascinating interview, we discuss:

  • Why the International Magazine Centre was set up
  • What has happened to the magazine industry over lockdown?
  • Who are the best performing Scottish publications
  • Who are the exciting emerging publications cropping up across the globe
  • The demise of some of the biggest publishers
  • How some publications have thrived during the Corona crisis.
  • The issue of online presence for magazines and in particular how their online presence has fared over the crisis.
  • Recommendations on what people can do to change the representation of minorities in magazines, whether on the front cover, between the covers or behind the scenes in the boardroom, management, on the team or part of the freelancer network.
  • Research by Ivana Bell from Derby University
  • The new training course with low barriers to access for Black and Asian Minority Ethnic people or people with care responsibilities or without access to funds to get into the magazine industry.
  • How to recruit for black or female talent proactively in order to get a positive effect on your bottom line
  • Whitewashing, backlashes as well as structural and systemic racism
  • White supremacy and superiority diminishes other cultural representations without being overtly racist.
  • The impact of the new head of Vogue, Edward Enninful.

To find out more about the training course, go to or email

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