Do you have your Social Media Marketing plan ready for Xmas? Are your marketing plans fit for a bumper Xmas? Social Media Marketing plans are even more important to be meticulously planned this Xmas. Let’s get started!

It’s a dappled autumnal morning. September has begun. The schools all over the world have gone back. The universities and colleges are on their way. The leaves are beginning to turn golden …

And we’re starting to gear up for Xmas!

Yes, I said it! The X-word!

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Remember that old adage: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail? Well that is 100% the case when it comes to marketing and PR, whether online or traditional. You need a SMART marketing plan to deliver business results.

However, I’m willing to wager 95% of my festive bonus that businesses are still “winging it” on social media. Hoping against hope that “this post will make the difference” to the bottom line.

Problem is, ‘Winging It’ isn’t a plan.

Neither is hope.

Neither is relying on the intern, the receptionist or Uncle Bob’s cousin’s niece.

Businesses large and small, newly minted and established, up and down the land may very well have a rough marketing plan that states “I shall do social media regularly” without realising that that isn’t even the beginnings of an online marketing plan.

In social media land, the things you measure are TOTALLY different from traditional marketing.

What does a Traditional Marketing plan look like?

Traditional marketing campaigns go something like this:

  • Create a poster / radio ad / telesales campaign / door drop
  • Publish / launch
  • Analyse results
  • Pay large bill GRUDGINGLY (knowing only 3% of the target audience actually saw / heard your message)

What is a Social Media Marketing Plan?

In social media ville, if you want to get your social media marketing plan ready for Xmas, it’s more like:

  • Create an engaging series of posts for the main channels where the customer hangs out
  • Double down on the pain or desire of the NICHE target audience in every post
  • Optimise for a minimum 3% engagement on every post
  • Ensure a verifiable 20% new eyeballs who weren’t following the brand, see the post
  • Create a series of ads to ensure the target audience can actually find you (they won’t find you if you’re only hanging out in your own newsfeed!)
  • Network online
  • Pay small bill SMUGLY (knowing 100% of the target audience saw your messages)

Basically, if all you’re doing online is PUBLISHING online, you won’t get any MARKETING or SALES results!

The Secret to Social Media Success for Business

The key to success online is in the magical word: SOCIAL! If your business doesn’t have the capacity to be social, it won’t get any social media results. Especially if you need to get your social media plan ready in time for Xmas.

How to get Social Media all wrong!

We’ve all seen what a mess happens when we let businesses take over Facebook and Linkedin groups with all their constant ‘check me’ yammering. It’s the online equivalent of those people at networking events who have a wodge of business cards they are determined to hand out like free cookies at Xmas.

Or it’s like those earnest artsy folk during the Festival handing out 1000s of fliers per day without chatting to the customer or asking if they’d be interested before handing them out.

When it comes to building an online marketing plan in the run up to Christmas, make sure the business has the right strategy and benchmarks that lead to actual sales, rather than blame social media for not delivering results.

Complaining that social media is rubbish at sales and marketing is the equivalent of blaming the telephone for being rubbish at telesales!

After all, complaining that social media is rubbish at sales and marketing is the equivalent of blaming the telephone for being rubbish at telesales!

Fin Wycherley, Supersize Guru

What’s been your experience?

Is your online marketing religiously planned out? Till Xmas and beyond? Remember, unless the business has a DETAILED plan to make 5, 6 or 7-figures per month … it’s not a plan, it’s just a dream!

I’d love to hear your views. Are you on track or barely begun? Leave your comments below or message me anywhere online.

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A variation of this post was first published in the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce blog and the Enterprise Nation blog. Both different but similar in theme and objective.

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