Before we start working with any client, we have a long list of competencies they need to acquire in order to stand out in the mind of their target customer and in their newsfeed.

One of them is branding.

Branding is not just a logo. It’s how you make a person feel with your consistent branded message.

That’s even more true online.

What’s incredibly tough about that for small businesses is that the visual branding messages need to be consistent across ALL the chanels, platforms and customer touch points.

Here’s a very small branding asset checklist for digital and social media. It covers most of the areas you need to make your business waaaaaaaay more professional and ‘on message’ … visually!

📌The fonts – nail down three that work together
📌The colour palette – again, the magic number three will help. Or go for more but make sure they blend brilliantly together
📌Logos – the transparent version for all backgrounds is essential as well as the tiny version for small profile spaces. Plus the dark version against a light background and a light version against a dark background.
📌Images – How do you position people, products or services? What kind of exposure? What kind of filters?
📌Quotations – Are you using your logo? How does it flow across the platforms
📌Infographics – Get all the images, filters, fonts and colours to work together like a pro
📌Videos – Do we follow the same visual queues with video? Are we capturing the same feeling?
📌Printed material, banner ads, letterheads, Insta, LinkedIn, website, Email … just think how the brand needs to be represented consistently across all these customer touch points

We usually don’t get started doing any Social Media Management or, as they call it in the States – ‘Done For You’ – until the client has all this in their brand assets for digital and social media collected into their portfolio, banked up with oodles of great images, logos, colours, fonts and video.

That’s why the coaching / training period leading up to hand over is often essential to getting everything in place beforehand.

Why? Because a picture is worth a thousand words. And a video is worth even more.

Cliché? Maybe. But clichés become clichés because they have truth to them.
And in the world of marketing, saying less with an image can impact your consumers more.

Over to You

Have you got all your branding assets in place? Would you like a chat with our amazing graphic and web designer to get your company visual messages up to speed online?

Or would you like some digital and social media coaching so you can learn how to do it yourself?

Get it touch! Always happy to discuss your route to success. Whether you’ve got £5 or £5,000 for marketing. A quick conversation will either SAVE or MAKE your business money.

After all, when it comes to online marketing, your success if our success.

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