Ready to create that epic content? After an epic Facebook Live session with the incredibly hard-working group of avid entrepreneurs, I came up with a Really Useful Checklist of things to remember when you are creating your first major piece of epic social media content on video.

Hope you find it useful! Let us know in the comments below.

1️⃣Horizontal: Hold the phone / camera horizontally for Youtube and Facebook. It also translates easily for the other platforms

2️⃣Kit: Best quality kit you can afford but cheap is absolutely fine (mobile phone, desk lights and camera mic is fine, but if you can afford more, go for it)

3️⃣Images: Ensure all images are related to your target audience

4️⃣Flow: Get the flow and energy right. Rather than try to remember your next point. Focus on one point and free flow around it as if you are talking to your best mate / favourite client. Then cut. Then free flow around your second point. Then cut …

5️⃣Eye fucking! Don’t focus on that wee light! You can look around the room as you muse on your points. Just like in normal human conversation.

6️⃣Are you Dangerous? Step a bit further away from the camera so it’s less intense. People like to ‘see if you are armed’ when they are checking you out. It’s a primal instinct. Therefore, show everything from the hips upwards. This also means being very open and expressive with your arms. Not rigid or static.

7️⃣Lighting: South facing window with desk lights and lamps facing you, uplighting you and even backlighting you if necessary. Otherwise, there is decent cheap lighting online (make sure it’s portable. A lot of it isn’t)

8️⃣Mic: Lapel mic. People can accept bad quality images and videos but not sound so invest (good ones only cost under £20)

9️⃣Logo: All the way through, please

1️⃣0️⃣Action Steps: Think more about the 8 to 14 touchpoints you’ll need to take before your prospect becomes a customer / client. Don’t go straight in asking them to do something when they’ve never even heard of you! It’s like walking up to a bloke / lass in the nightclub and asking for their number. Or worse, proposing marriage. Or even, as we say in Scotland, “Get your coat, you’ve pulled!”

1️⃣1️⃣Court them: Offer something so AMAZINGLY valuable that they will gladly hand over their email. Nobody hands over their phone number in a club unless it’s a real hot prospect (Is s/he rich / gorgeous / amazing chat / gonna be a great parent?) Just like the 7-day taster I outlined before I was brutally cut off … in my prime! Make it an absolute no-brainer for them to want to continue the relationship with you.

Make them go from “OK, I know you now, I can see that you understand my pain, and you’ve reminded me what would happen if I don’t do anything … you’ve got me. I’m interested. But not interested enough to buy anything from you yet. I want you to buy me a drink, take me for lunch, offer me some flowers, meet some of my mates … before we get down to business, ok? Lmao!!!!!”

1️⃣2️⃣Collect emails: People buy your product / services from your emails. Social media just takes them there. The only time folk are happy to hand over emails is if they are actual prospects. The relationship just got to 2nd stage when you get their emails. It’s better to go to 2nd stage in a relationship when you first meet, than try to go ‘all the way!’ LMAO!

Wow, if you manage to get through all these improvements, you will have an epic piece of lead generation on your hands. Go for it! You are so close! 

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