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The professional services industry has been cautious about embracing social media, but the time for caution is running out.

The fact is, social media is here to stay. Your clients and prospects are using it. So are your competitors. If that’s not enough to convince you, our research shows that firms that use social media marketing effectively grow faster and become more profitable.

Technology is transforming the way businesses do business and how consumers consume. For professional firms stuck with last century’s marketing tools, the choice is to be engulfed by the digital and social media tidal wave or seize the opportunities it brings.

Social Media Training 86%
Social Media Management 92%
Lead generation 89%
Branding, design and digital 75%


If your customers or clients don’t know you, they don’t care. If they don’t think you’re the best at solving their problem, they don’t care. And if they don’t feel a connection with you, they certainly don’t give a flying … fig!


There’s quite a journey to take folk from social media to a sale. Luckily, all the analytics and digital metrics are available to track what works. Why? Because success leaves clues and EVERYBODY leaves a digital footprint.


If you thought last year’s online strategies weren’t working, let’s talk about last month’s! We read at least 100 social media, digital, SEO and content marketing blogs, magazines and books per month for you so you don’t have to. You’re welcome!

Happy Customers
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Social Media Fans
Conference Speeches in 2016
Largest Facebook Ad Spend per week
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Digital Strategy

We now live in an era when there are so many choices to make with your marketing budget. So many possibilities from email marketing to SEO and from social media advertising to PPC. We specialise in helping you build capacity for long-term growth with an optimised strategy built for every budget.

Branding and Website Design

With half the world owning a mobile phone and 2bn using the social media, if your website was built pre-2015, it’s probably not fit for purpose. Prospects won’t be able to find your website and an effective digital strategy is literally IMPOSSIBLE because loading speeds are terrible or it’s not optimised for mobile. Give your business the best digital foundations with an optimised website.

Email Marketing and Social Media Management

SME businesses and charities have three problems with online marketing: 1) Scarce time 2) Disparate expertise to make it work effectively 3) Scarce budgets. With your own account manager and campaign architect, copywriter, graphic designer and SEO digital marketer, step aside while we work our magic to get your message, expertly put together, in front of the right prospects, on the right platforms, at the right time.
Our Work
Solo Pine Website

Solo Pine Website

View Project
Food Center NYC

Food Center NYC

View Project
Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations

View Project
Photoshoot with John Doe

Photoshoot with John Doe

View Project
Album Cover for Foo Fighters

Album Cover for Foo Fighters

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Meet the Talents

Meet the Team

Fin Wycherley

Fin Wycherley

Co-Founder & CEO

Responsible for the Supersize Media team, Fin makes sure we’re always working towards our brand purpose – to inspire online engagement and lead generation through a deeper understanding of technology and human behaviour.

This purpose is her passion, and she has led a number of research projects in this area, including a five-year study into the emerging needs of professional service clients. She regularly comments on issues facing the industry, such as the future role of the digital agency, the challenge of negative comment, and the impact of digital on traditional marketing.

Fin sits on the Executive Board of DMBAA as well as being a Governor for The City Trust and  is on the Board of Trustees for Rowan Alba Homeless Charity.

Kayleigh Ross

Kayleigh Ross

Kayleigh Ross: “I get most excited when brands stop talking and start doing. Organizations require a new generation of thinking, ideas, storytelling, interaction, digital products and utility-driven services to keep their promise to play a meaningful, indispensable role in the lives of their audience.”

When I wrote my first press release on my mobile phone I was hooked; I’ve been spending time with digital and mobile ever since. I studied PR and Marketing at Queen Margaret University, looking to bring the answered and unanswered together. The thing that keeps technology exciting is that it’s constantly changing and always fresh. That’s something I’ve always loved about this industry, and often it feels it’s growing at a faster pace every day.

Harry Wycherley

Harry Wycherley

Account Manager
Harry is our media guru, his degree in the subject and his passion for all forms of social media, is only matched by his love of sport, especially football.

My favourite stat: “Companies that use Twitter average 2 times more leads per month than those that do not.”

If it’s a WordPress issue, paid search challenge or SEO conundrum, Harry’s your man. He makes sure his clients are always in the know and keeps campaigns running smoothly.

When he’s not behind a keyboard, he’ll be on his Xbox or listening to more Tony Robbins.

Kristina Blaikey

Kristina Blaikey

PPC and SEO Director
With a background in marketing and business development, Kristina joined the Supersize Media team in 2014 as a PPC Consultant.

Kristina is most renowned for her people skills and has enjoyed the interaction with clients involved in working for a fast-paced digital agency.

Beyond working with businesses to understand how she can improve the returns they see from their digital investment, Kristina’s favourite aspect of her job is utilising her creativity when writing adverts for her clients.

Outside of work,Kristina enjoys: “eating an excess of cheese, drinking red wine, curling up with a good book and travelling the world.”

Char Hidab

Chief Strategy Officer

Char Hidab works with account teams to collect, nurture and explode ideas that deliver outstanding business value. He also co-ordinates our strategists around the world to ensure that we deliver original, ground-breaking insight and strategy for all our clients.


Jamie Wellby

Executive Director
At Supersize Media, Jamie Wellby is responsible for building out the agency’s media and account management capabilities, while developing impactful media and communications programs for clients that utilize the latest technologies and cross-channel strategies. He also oversees programmatic and building a dynamic agency offering that is transparent, integrated and fluid.

Kate Longchamp

Head of Insights & Planning
Kate oversees Supersize Media’s award-winning Insights Group that creates innovative research approaches to help brands stay relevant in today’s B2B-led world. She also runs the agency’s measurement practice that helps marketers better manage the overwhelming amount of available data to focus on the metrics that help them achieve their business and marketing goals.

Adam Grusckezk

Commercial Director
With a background in marketing and business development, Adam joined the Supersize Media team in 2014 as a PPC Consultant. Adam is most renowned for his people skills and has enjoyed the interaction with clients involved in working for a fast-paced digital agency.


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Did you know … companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.

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